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How to build a solar greenhouse

Release date:(2016/5/5)   Click times:703
Greenhouse construction in Sichuan:
A, greenhouse base planning
The utility model relates to a greenhouse, which is a relatively fixed one, and a long time cultivation facility. In the installation of greenhouses must be carried out before the planning, especially the larger, contiguous greenhouse base. According to the base of the natural environment conditions, the direction and the layout of the studio, in the base of roads, canals, power supply, manure pit, pool, shelter and other facilities to raise the scientific and reasonable system arrangement, so as to ensure the future greenhouse production convenient management science, lay the foundation for high yield and high efficiency.
1, base selection
The base should choose convenient transportation, flat, open, irrigation facilities, topography gaozao. Shelter Xiangyang, underground water level 0.8 meters, where the soil is fertile.
2, greenhouse specifications and layout
(1) greenhouse specifications. Suitable for my current use of greenhouses, generally to 45 - 50 meters long, wide - ranging from 6 to 8 meters, shed high - 3 meters. The greenhouse is too long is not conducive to the dehumidifying cooling, the temperature in the greenhouse is too small is not stable, low utilization rate of land. With the development of the wide span greenhouse, 825 single pipe shed in recent years and the introduction of Cixi city by the agricultural services company, has shed body, good insulation properties, high utilization of land farming, convenient operation, suitable for vertical cultivation and other characteristics, has become my best choice for the development of the single pipe shed shed type.
(2) shed layout. To the north or south to the southwest slightly better. That is, the north and south for greenhouses long, things for the width of the shed. Two shed spacing of about 1.5 - 2 meters, the middle has a width of about 50 cm of small ditches, ditches on both sides of the line of about 50 - 60 cm. North and south two shed spacing of about 5 meters, from the shed door at the end of the opening of a small ditch at the 50 cm, in the middle of the road of 2.5 - 3 meters. The formation of the road smooth roads and irrigation canals and ditches facilities, greenhouse group, and two production system.
Type 825 and type 622 pipe shed:
1, according to the location of shed specifications, flat land, first pull a baseline, the law (line 4 meters, line 3 meters, 5 meters to slash) 4 corners at right angles to determine the 4 angle positioning pile, and pull the awning head shed 4 positioning line.
2, the installation of arch pipe will be the lower end of the arch pipe inserted into the desired depth of installation mark (usually 50 cm), insert the depth of the installation mark and the surface level. In the studio to determine the arch longitudinal positioning line spacing (60 or 70 cm) and mark the installation holes, mounting holes on both sides of the position should be symmetrical, with the same diameter steel arch in the mounting hole mounting holes play the required depth, the arch tube inserted into the mounting hole, and then use the pipe will be relatively arch pipe connection.
3, the longitudinal pull rod and the roof shape adjustment steel wire clamp connects the longitudinal tension rod and the arch pipe at the connecting pipe, then carries on the arch pipe high and low adjustment, causes the arch pipe shoulder to be in the same straight line, the longitudinal tie rod as far as possible straight.
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