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A brief analysis on the insulation of greenhouse

Release date:(2016/5/5)   Click times:657
A cultivator, holding a cold: winter greenhouse panel structure, the hot air into the cultivation layer is restricted, soil heat less, coupled with the large and deep cracks in the compacted soil, aggregate structure, easy to lose heat before midnight after midnight, low temperature, easy to cause damage. While the ventilation shallow cultivator can get rid of the ground cracks, it can control the water transpiration and away heat, heat preservation cold seedlings.
Two, foliar fertilizer: low winter temperatures, greenhouse light, crop root absorption capacity decreased, we may apply to the KH2PO4 solution, can increase the leaf sugar content and hardness, improve the cold resistance of plants, alleviate the degree of damage. Or use vinegar and sugar and superphosphate mix, match 100 - 300 times liquid spraying on the leaf mesophyll, can increase the sugar content and hardness, improve cold resistance.
Three, covering warming: sealing keeping greenhouse greenhouse, shed built in a shed or in small arch shed with overlying insulation materials, night cover film, film mulching covered straw mats; in the shed, the bottom around the outside of the greenhouse with grass thatch plus Aprons made of plastic film can be reduced, at the bottom of the cold air invasion at the same time attention; gap blockage everywhere, minimize the gap cooling. Set the windbreak, in the greenhouse vegetable bed north with crop straw piled in windbreak, wind cold.
Four, after the wall reflective film: in the greenhouse after hanging on the wall of a reflective film, can improve the cultivation bed light intensity, so that the heat storage wall at slow release in the room, can keep the high temperature after midnight, to prevent frost damage seedlings.
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