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Sichuan greenhouse vegetable chilling injury preve

Release date:(2016/3/30)   Click times:656
Sichuan greenhouse vegetable chilling injury prevention measures
1, indoor heating
(1) when the external substantial cooling, can temporarily use firewood or coal combustion, improving the room temperature by the stove, the flue and the direct cooling.
(2) where conditions permit the use of hot water, hot air, steam, etc., as a source of heat in the greenhouse.
(3) by applying heat of organic fertilizer in the planting of vegetables, in the underground depth of 10-15cm, heat of organic fertilizer in 5-10cm thick half decomposed (such as horses, donkeys, sheep etc.).
2, outdoor insulation
(1) in the greenhouse around windbreaks to reduce wind frame fortification.
(2) in the greenhouse around the earth, the increase of greenhouse wall thickness.
(3) digging trenches in the cold greenhouse around the ditch filled with slag, rice husk, covers the top of ditch, ditch to keep dry.
(4) increase the greenhouse covering, such as the thick grass mat (curtain) etc..
(5) do a good job in the various parts of the convergence of the tunnel and blocking work, in order to prevent the intrusion of cold wind.
(6) try long light time, as long as can according to the sunlight, it will immediately remove grass mat (curtain) covering.
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