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Planting technology of vegetable greenhouse in Sic

Release date:(2016/3/30)   Click times:693
Chuan Chuan Industrial Company on the cultivation of vegetable greenhouses in Sichuan, how much do you know?
As we all know, with the continuous development of vegetable production and greenhouse vegetable planting years increasing, soil borne disease, cropping and unexplained dead trees also increased, the main reason is the deterioration of soil and pathogenic bacteria in soil increased, soil aggregate structure is destroyed, resulting in the vegetable growth environment was malignant change the. In order to cope with better soil deterioration, greenhouse cultivation management is to change the traditional fertilizing method and species number of beneficial microorganisms of soil, improving the yield and is one of the effective measures for the quality of crops, especially in preventing soil borne diseases on soil improvement, especially the effect of pre.
Therefore, in recent years, many farmers began to pay attention to supplement the biological bacteria in soil, bio fertilizer also came into being. But the new fertilizer in greenhouse vegetable cultivation Its loopholes appeared one after another. is used, although in recent years has been greatly improved, and the cognition of farmers has been greatly improved, but only at the surface of the "familiar", did not grasp the real usage of microbial fertilizer.
The farmers in accordance with the manufacturers requirements throughout the vegetable greenhouses there are 17 bags (40 kg / bag), in accordance with the number of dosage used, but the use of the method is in the organic fertilizer and soil in the planting hole without mixing but directly into organic fertilizer on Seedling after buried soil. Because of the temperature in the vegetable greenhouse is very high, and a large amount of organic matter in the soil, after watering the soil environment suitable to biological bacteria provides a strong environment and conditions, the bacteria multiply, a large amount of heat produced in the process of reproduction and root burn, resulting in root browning and dying, because many times the death of root watering gradually decay, which is the reason of the accident. Processing method of only a hoe down, wet, proper watering, irrigation and Appollo 963 rooting, two consecutive times, about 20 days to restore growth.
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