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Explain the six errors in greenhouse vegetable cul

Release date:(2016/3/25)   Click times:645
Listen to the greenhouse vegetable growing company in Sichuan to talk about greenhouse vegetable management experience: greenhouse vegetable cultivation to go out of the six errors, in order to high-yield.
Misunderstanding 1: fertilization, more output.
Many farmers in the greenhouse vegetable fertilization, in order to multi output. In fact, excessive fertilization of vegetables is likely to cause fertilizer damage. Solution: one is a greenhouse after 3 years, chicken, cow manure control in 2500 kilograms, chemical fertilizer reduction of about 50%. Two is the total salt concentration plots, focus on the application of cow dung, humic acid fertilizer and EM fertilizer, to increase soil carbon nitrogen ratio, soil permeability, reducing fertilizer salt solution. Three is to supplement boron, zinc, magnesium fertilizer, balanced soil nutrition, in order to reduce investment, to create conditions for sustained high yield.
Myth two: stay more seedlings, high yield.
Many farmers often stay in liumiao, that can yield seedlings. In fact, due to the low temperature in winter, light is weak, poor photosynthesis, carbohydrate synthesis is less, so only reasonable density can yield. Solution: first, the winter stubble vegetables with reasonable sparse planting as well. The two is to make full use of space, can take early planting, mid thinning, thinning of the late management approach to branches and not crowded as the standard, to improve the total yield and benefit.
Error three: high temperature, fast.
In fact, the upper limit of the temperature requirements of vegetables, generally 25 ~ 32 C. High temperature, respiration, body movement, physiological disorder, plant growth, nutrition and reproductive growth is not balanced, the yield will decrease. Solution: first, the greenhouse set two air vents, timely cooling. Two is according to a variety of vegetables growing period of the required temperature and the growth period of each organ suitable temperature requirements management, prevent high temperature long tendril not long fruit.
Myth four: plant vines flourishing, good growth.
Most people think that the vines are good crops, in fact, the water is more flourishing, the root will be shallow, low nutrient production, nutrition and growth will inevitably affect the reproductive growth, but lower yields. Solution: first, in the seedling period to grasp the root of the weak plant roots, water control and plant roots, so that the absorption of photosynthetic products accounted for about 60% of the underground, in the middle and late ground and ground absorption accounted for about 50%. Two is the pre consumption accounted for 60% of plant nutrition, reproductive growth accounted for 40%; medium each accounted for 50%; the late reproductive growth accounted for 60% ~ 70%, vegetative growth accounted for only 30% to 40%, which is to ensure the early assimilation of leaf area of late vine to promote fruit yield control.
Misunderstanding five: drug frequently, less disease.
Many farmers in the vegetable growth period, every 2 to 3 days to hit 1 times, hit the ground that the drug can prevent the spread of disease. Solution: one is to look for the disease, symptomatic spraying, it is best to use copper and zinc containing agent, can sterilization, can enhance plant resistance to pathogen, can promote crop growth. The two is to improve the ecological environment, with luxuriant foliage, poor ventilation, daily drug effects are not necessarily good, should be cool and thinning. The three is caused by soil borne bacteria in seedling death, should pay attention to drug prevention at the seedling stage. If you ignore the cause, the late seedling disease attack, bacteria have invaded the plant body, often a drug effect is not good.
Myth six: stubble times, more income.
Many people think that the investment in the construction of the greenhouse, can not let the land idle, so the vice principal with the main crop stubble stubble, deputy stubble, stubble planting, often results in poor effect and low efficiency. Solution: first, a large crop of winter, one year as a good crop, the spring and autumn stubble to two a year as appropriate. Eggplant, pepper, tomato and cucumber plant regeneration can be continued to close a old crop, low price when pulling clothes to. Two is the year to stay for a period of time of deep plowing and rain pressure salt, in the summer exposure sterilization, disinfection pest control, curing the soil.
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