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Chengdu vegetable greenhouses on greenhouse cultiv

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The information about Sichuan vegetable greenhouse in Jianyang.
First, variety selection
Has been successful in excellent, green male 90 varieties.
Two, ahead of sowing
The pinching will cause the growth pause, may delay the harvest period of 8 to 10 days. This requires 6 days ahead of sowing, in order to harvest.
Three, pinching method
In order not to affect the growth, topping 3 days before the 1 thin fertilizer, 45% hectares per 1/15 seedbed compound fertilizer 0.5 kg.
In 4 leaves pinching, leaving 2 leaves per plant, seedling of 2 branches per plant after transplantation can form 2 bouquet. In the sunny days of pinching to prevent infection, disease; according to seedling size, should be carried out in batches of pinching. Other nursery management technology with conventional.
Sichuan vegetable greenhouse company
Four, and into the except Meng
In order to ensure the development of the double ball, the bud before the middle growth stage must be removed in time. In addition the seedbed before planting adorable 1 times in the 15 days after planting and 30 days each in 1 adorable.
Five, planting density
In the double ball processing conditions, with the increase of density, the single bulb weight declined sharply, curd diameter becomes smaller and thinner in the curd, 2200 plant density, single ball becomes very small, basically the loss of goods.
The density of double ball cultivation is more suitable for every 1800 ~ 2000 1/15 ha.
Six, fertilizer and water management
Under the condition of double ball treatment, the amount of fertilizer needed to be increased by about 20%, which could promote the growth and development. The other with conventional fertilizer and water management.
Seven, the effect of increasing production
Double ball rate is more than 90% 1/15 per hectare increased, 700 ~ 900 fresh curd. About the growth rate of 80%, while the flower color is better, rounded shape, suitable for preservation of export.
Eight, application prospects
Double ball cultivation in topping and two links in addition to adorable increase labor costs to some extent, while increasing the amount of fertilizer to some extent, but can save a certain amount of seed. The total cost of production per hectare of 1/15 can be increased by about 50 yuan, but the economic benefit can be increased by more than RMB 600, and the input output ratio reaches to 1: 1.2.
But for the big harvest bouquet, under the experimental conditions the total yield was not increased significantly, there is no economic value need further study.
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