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Jianyang City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Jian Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development and design of greenhouse engineering, the production of civil welfare enterprises. In recent years, the rapid development of the company, in 2005 20 acres of new land, a new greenhouse production base, into the key enterprises in Jianyang. As twelve years into the domestic market of agricultural facilities, professional production and construction of greenhouse engineering enterprises, the company has been committed to the development of production and installation of economic conditions to adapt to the practical greenhouse. Over the years to undertake a number of major projects, and to complete the electric net system, rolling seedling bed, efficient coal-fired stove etc. research project, has accumulated rich experience in design and implementation, the customer requirements, have the ability to design a satisfactory solution and on-site implementation plan to enable customers to get a good price performance ratio of the in order to provide engineering services, functions and facilities, greenhouses for customers. The company in order to promote the development of agriculture for the purpose of developing series of high, medium and low-grade steel shed greenhouse. Products are divided into six categories, dozens of specifications. Including the arch of 4-12 meters 6-9.6 meters span width circle; single and multi arch greenhouse, greenhouse fittings of electric double-layer sunshade net type greenhouse; 6-10.8 meters span hollow PC board, glass greenhouse and supporting facilities, and for users of heating, cooling, humidifying, configuration, irrigation, fertilization, shading, lighting, bed frame, computer remote sensing and control system.
The company has a senior engineer to lead the design and construction team, with each project (especially large projects) for product manufacture and installation design, and has accumulated a rich experience in engineering design and construction in engineering practice for many years. The company currently employs 50 people, including engineers, technicians, 7. Possession of pipe processing production line 2; solid film slot production line 1; tooling, mold dozens of sets; shear plate, bending, stamping equipment, machining, electrical welding and other types of equipment, more than and 20 units. From the design and manufacture, equipment matching to installation services have formed their own mature technology, can provide customers with reliable technical support and after-sales service. Over the past ten years, the company has provided customers with one million square meters of greenhouse, the development of facilities for agricultural development in the southwest and the cause of green pollution-free made a positive contribution.
We are committed to providing design perfect to customers, and also provide from design, installation to turnkey project, debugging, our task will not end with the completion of the project, but the beginning of cooperation and communication. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality greenhouse facilities and perfect after-sales service and long-term product sales cooperation and support. Whether now or in the future, we are willing to work together with customers to contribute to China's modern agriculture.